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My real pen name is The Astonishing Spider-Fan. I have an account on under that name. I'm a natural born artist. Drawing and writing. I have no idea how to upload art. I will figure it out.


Peter Parker, Vegeta, Black Star
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I'm a young African American boy in the US! I'm a kinda hard to understand, I barely understand myself, I tend to be bi polar, so don't take some things I say the wrong way. I'm also a huge violence fan. So don't mind, or take any violent comments I say seriously, because it's not what I mean at all. I tend to joke, and am rarely ever serious, when I do just about anything. I'm currently 16, years old. I've been drawing ever since I was 4, starting with, no surprise, Spider-Man. I never really given up, and have been improving every year since then, and I love what year long growth pays off to look like. I started out a Marvel Fan, strictly, hating other fandoms, but then, I made a Youtube account, to comment on videos and such, longer story short, I became a role player, and don't think it's weird, or sad, I've really learned to like, and respect role playing, it's like writing a story, constantly with other writers, every one contributing to one great peice, it's an amazing exprience. Anyway, I moved on, so to speak, finding other Social Networking sits I can enjoy, like Fanfiction.Net,Tumblr, and here, of course! I like to think of myself as pretty good, but there are so many "better" artists here, I can't wait till I reach that kind of level, to really be able to help. I'm a little hard to get to know, because I have defnsive walls for when I meet new people, but they're to keep me in, not you out. Though there are a stubborn few who break in, I call them friend, those who know me, and even a bit of my darker side, you can try to look yourself, I just hope it doesn't scare you. Along with that, I've grown to love more than Marvel, learning to love DC, and then Anime/Manga, so I'm a fan of all fiction!(hehe). My current goal here, is to create a set of OC's,, that connect with the OC's others, until all our heart creates one large beautiful picture/story. But again, gonna have to wait till I can upload art constantly, and when I get better. I enjoy missing fandoms, and letting them all collide, as so many characters could grow from that! It truly is a beautiful thing, any other questions, just ask! Oh and I recently discovered I'm a poet, I enjoy doing realism.

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